My computer beeps, The graphics card fan starts at boot and after some seconds the monitor turns off and the gpu fan stops

I was playing on my computer , it suddenly restarted and this happened for 3 times. Then when i booted my computer after an hour or two, i tried, there was no display on monitor. I opened my cpu case and restarted again. This time the computer showed the motherboard logo and bios screen. Then the gpu fan stopped and the display on my monitor stopped.

Amd fx4130
Hd 7750
Asus m5a78l-mlx plus mobo

Please help me!
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  1. check rams
  2. dandn0ten said:
    check rams

    Already tried in both ports. The pc sometimes reaches upto the windows logo
  3. the gpu could be overheating try changing thermal paste the old one may have cracked the to extreme heat for long hours of gaming. :D
  4. if the MB or gfx card are old or experienced long periods of excessive heat, you could check them both for bulging or leaking capacitors as this can cause shut downs.
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