PC Turns off after a split second of hitting power button

Hello one and all, thanks for taking the time to read this!
(I also hope this is in the right place)

Win 8
i5 4670K
Corsair Vengeance Pro 1600mhz 2x4GB
MSI Z87M-G43
MSI GTX 760 OC Edition
Thermaltake 700W LITEPOWER
Samsung 128GB SSD EVO
Seagate barracuda 2TB

Only around 4 months ago, I had decided to finally build my own gaming and editing computer. All has been fine until now. I've been able to play intensive games, edit heavily and the likes with minimal issues. However, last night I ran into a large problem. My PC mid use suddenly shut off with no warning, and wont turn on. Best I get is a small (Very very) small rotation of the CPU and system fans when I hit the power button.

Leading up to this, I had gotten home and found that my dad had moved my computer to a new desk. Thrilled to finally get a desk, I set up my computer with haste, put my keyboard and the likes in and fired it up. Oddly, I wasn't getting any image from my GPU. The monitor read "HDMI Power Saving Mode". I had ran into this before, so I simply re-adjusted the cables hoping it would fix itself like last time. No dice. Skip forward a little, the case is open, and I'm inspecting the GPU. No physical faults, except two very small build up of white liquid on the undercarriage. I didn't take notice, put it back in, tried again, yet to no avail. I opted just for integrated graphics. Worked well and image was onscreen.

Forward 10 minutes - complete PC shut down. No warning, nada. The only slightest hint I received was that Firefox stated "Firefox seems to be... running... slow...". Instinctively, I hit the power button. Nothing. Tried again. Again, turning the power off. Nothing. Here, I start to get a little agitated. I open the case up again and inspect everything thoroughly (Checking wires and what not) and give the case and its components a very thorough cleaning (there was a noticeable bit of dust). Nothing. I go and search the net for answers. I proceed to strip everything out of the computer. I physically inspect everything for faults, all seems fine. CPU has adequate paste, RAM has no cracks that kind of thing.

I tried to pin-point the issue through breadboarding after the paperclip test. The PSU seemed to work well. Making sure it wasn't a fluke, I tried anther PSU, same result when paired with the motherboard - no dice. I played with the RAM configuration too, nope. Tried CMOS battery - taking it out and putting it back, nada. All I get is that small rotation, laughing at me. Here I'm really stumped...

I appreciate any tips and tricks - and yes, I have quadruple checked that all wires are where they are meant to be :P

Thanks Guys
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  1. I would have thought it was the PSU, since you have tested with another then no.
    I would have also thought that maybe something could possibly have been disconnected during the move, but again since you have benched it and again no dice only one thing remains.

    Just to be sure though, when you say "breadboard", you mean you stripped the mobo of ALL components and tried restarting after each piece was installed. Starting off with only Mobo, CPU, PSU and one RAM chip right?
    If you simply removed and replaced all the components try it again as described.

    Unfortunately it looks like the mobo has failed.
    Lucky for you though you are well under the warranty so just RMA the board an get a new one.
    It will save you allot of frustration and time.
  2. Thanks for the speedy reply. Yes, when I say BreadBoard I mean stripping everything, every wire possible and then starting anew. Put my Mobo on its anti-static bag atop the box (To make sure it had no way to short) and proceeded. Yeah, I tried the one RAM chip, placing it in different slots and then alternating it with my other chip too. Saying that my Mobo was fried, what's the likely hood that my CPU has gone to the grave too?

    Warranty shouldn't be too much of an issue. PC Case gear are pretty understanding, but they charge for properly working components. So is there any last ditch attempts I could use to ID the culprit. Sadly, I don't have a case buzzer. ;?

    Lastly, does anyone have any insight on why my GPU 1) Has those 2 build ups of moisture 2) why I couldn't get any signal through HDMI before my PC just went ka-plew?

    Thanks guys
  3. Best answer
    Sorry, I didn't notice the part about the moisture duh!

    I doubt that the CPU is dead though there should be plenty of protection from that on the Mobo.
    Now that doesn't seem too promising, there shouldn't be any moisture build up on any component!
    If nothing happens even without the GPU being installed either then it is possible that the faulty GPU damaged the mobo.

    None the less, an RMA is still probably the best option here.

    Since you did get all the components from the same place (even better) I would take the lot right back and have them look into it.
    If the GPU had the issue and lead to all this it not your problem!
    You should be covered from warranty for all this crap!
  4. Unfortunately, I can just take it all back to PCCG right now. For one, they're on the other side of the country (Melbourne) and that's kind of a long drive from Queensland ahaha (I live in Australia). I'll have to post it. I have identified the ones I want to send back to replace - the Mobo and the GPU. Right now, all of my computers components are in a nice neat cupboard in their respectful box. Luckily, my OCD has saved me here, I can send back the two defective parts and get full cover because EVERYTHING that initially came with it is back in there - disc, cables, instructions.

    I hope I can get warranty on the GPU due to its white leaks and the HDMI port being shot.
    Mobo, well, I think its just shorted badly, seeing that all my tests failed to get it to speed.

    I'd rather know one piece is ok, spend the 25$ fee, then pay a ridiculous amount to all out replace it.
    Thanks a tonne for the help here ngrego!
  5. No worries mate!

    I don't think you should have any trouble getting the GPU replaced also.
    There is no reason AT ALL for a four month old GPU to have moisture build up on it other than it being faulty to begin with.
    The moisture should be from leaking capacitors (I believe) which probably lead to HDMI issue an the inevitable GPU failure and mobo damage.

    I personally would let them have it for putting you through the trouble all together!

    Glad I could help and hope it all works out!
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