ASUS gtx 660 ti 2gb or ASUS R9 270X 2gb. Which raphics card I should buy?

Hello there....

I want to buy a mid range graphics card. For that I have chosen this 2 graphics cards.
1) ASUS gtx 660 ti 2gb.
2) ASUS R9 270X 2gb.

Which 1 is good for gaming? Keep in mind that, I live in India. Temperature reaches 40'C in summer time. I have 650W PSU & multiple HDD.

Thanks in advance..:)
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    660 ti. It's the better card. Uses less power too and runs cooler. it's almost as powerful as a 670.
  2. ima ask that asus 660 is greater than any vid card with 2gb +256bit?
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