Recent issue with a Ducky Shine 3 keyboard

Hey people,

I have "recently" (approx 2-3 months) bought a new mechanical keyboard (Ducky Shine 3 with MX Brown). It's indeed an incredible keyboard, and I had fun using it until yesterday.
Well, it's not possible to type with it anymore. The keys are bound differently (Example: Whenever I press the button g - It automatically opens Calculator, and instead of writing the word it was supposed to, it writes random letters with symbols such as this adgjl'.
PS: It's not happening with all keys.

Do you people have any idea what it might be? Is this something that it can be fixed? Or should I just RMA it?
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  1. Well if you haven't already, restart the computer. Otherwise, uninstall the drivers for it. If you installed any software with it do so as you would any other program. If it's PnP do so in Device Manager. Even if you have uninstalled it in programs, it still couldn't hurt to do it in device manager. Reboot accordingly.
  2. I have same keyboard Ducky Shine 3 DK9008(Green LED and MX Brown).. Im having the same issue few weeks ago. I thought I was the only one experiencing this. I tried googling ( if that's even a word ) but nothing. adgjl' comes up if i press letter A and couple of other letters. I turned off my pc for few hours and keyboard is now working except the four keys (calc,my computer,browser & email) at the upper right is no longer responding and letter O is so hard to get you'll have to press it several times..
  3. are you guys using drivers or software associated with the keyboard? if yes, try deleting them and using the normal windows drivers.

    if that doesnt work then perhaps the pcb inside the keyboard is going haywire or some other electrical/hardware issue. in any case i'd contact ducky support and possibly get a RMA.
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