Western Digital 2x 2tb vs one 4tb

HI everyone !

I'm currently building my rig and was suggested by people on this website that I should go with Western Digital Black edition for HDD. The problem I have faced now is what should I go for:
2 x 2 tb HDD
or one 4tb ?

In my opinion 2x 2tb will be more reliable but it is more expensive than buying one 4tb.

Or should I even go 4 x 1 tb ?

Thank you advance !

P.S. I already have chosen SSD.
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    Or 8 x 500GB? Get a 4TB if you can afford it and back it up - with another 4TB HDD. I'm happy with Seagate Barracuda HDD
  2. 2x2TB is more reliable than 1x4TB because when the whole HDD crashed then you have no other choice of back up. Don't buy 4x1TB since it is a waste.
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