Why can my xbox one get a higher speed using wireless but my computer can't also using wireless

When downloading files on my computer i can get around a maximum of 0.6mbps but then on my xbox one i can get up to 5mbps and i would like to know why.
the wireless adapter i use is a tp link tl-wn721n-wn7
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  1. Downloading from different places.
    The PC is seeing a worse WiFi connection.
    Different WiFi adapters.
  2. But what would explain my computer never going over 0.6mbps, it has literally never happened and im very sure that my adapter is capable of going over it.
  3. 1MB/s = 8Mb/s. Are you sure they're using the same units?

    Are they in different locations? WiFi is trashed by metal between the router and the device.
  4. Yes i have made sure they are in the same units and my xbox and pc are next to each other.
  5. Can you run a speedtest on the PC? It's possible that you're testing to servers that are overloaded.
  6. I get the speed i'm supposed too but i have never actually got that speed in the computer's lifespan.
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    Hang on. If you never get the speed, how do you know?

    What do you get from the speedtest?
  8. I know because at the side of the download there is the speed of the download which never goes past 600kbps
  9. What does speedtest say? As above, it's entirely possible that the servers you're trying to download from are overloaded.
  10. it says 5mb, so what youre saying is that for the past 2 years i have been downloading from overloaded servers.
  11. Possibly - I don't know.

    If the speedtest comes out at 4+ Mb/s, it's that or you're still misreading megabits and megabytes.
  12. I'm not, but thanks anyway.
  13. If I had a dollar for every time someone said that...

    What software are you reading the download speed out of? Almost all the ones I've seen use MB/s , not Mb/s.
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