Pc won't stay on for more than 2 Minutes

Hi I have a Bio star Tforce4 u T-series Motherboard AMD athlon 2200 Ghz the problem that I'm have is that my Pc switches off with in a Minute or 2 as if somone has Pulled the Plug out I have cleened it out Ram and all wiped my Graphics card and its Dust Free all My fans are Working and Nothing seems to be Over heating inside The Box it Just swithes off but its still on becuse the Led inside remains on while this acurse everythime I have had the Box for More than 4 years already please can you help me
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  1. You said you cleaned the he inside of the computer, how did you go about doing that? cuz i have a feeling that you might have wiped the motherboard with a cloth which created static electricity and caused a short circuit.
  2. You know what I didn't read your whole post forget everything I said.
  3. Could be a short on the motherboard, but it's most likey that a capacitor is dead. Capacitors regulate the voltage on your motherboard. If you see some capacitosr that are bigger, more inflated than the other, it's probably that. Take it to a service, it's not really expensive, changed a few with my friend, 30- minute job. Good luck.
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