GTX Titan Black/ GTX 780 Ti or wait for GTX 880 SLI

Apparently, it's been announced that a much more powerful graphics card is coming soon based on Maxwell, the GTX 880, with 3,200 Maxwell cores (since 1 maxwell core is 1.35 times a kepler core, that would be 2 kepler cores, so it's essentially a GTX 780 Ti SLI) but it's memory bandwidth is only 238GB/s per card, meaning I would need at least 3 cards in SLI to get fast graphics performance. Should I wait for it or buy the 780 Tis SLI now?
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  1. You can always wait for new stuff to come out but if you need it just buy it. The 780ti is one of the best cards at the moment so you should be fine.
  2. It has not been announced, they have not announced specs, so nobody knows what it will be, what the performance will be like, what it will cost, or when it will come out. The 780ti will not suddenly become slower because a new card is out, and the new card will undoubtedly cost a whole lot more. I say get the 780ti, because if you wait for the 880, why not wait for the 880ti? Or the 980ti?
  3. 780 Ti.
  4. if you can wait i would recomment you to wait the maxxel architecture is better power per watt, but if cant not wait buy a gtx 780 ti but never buy a titan those cards are far from overprice and they are not made for gaming
  5. The 780 Ti came out in NOVEMBER. It's time is almost up. It's foolish to drop $700. Buy a GTX 760 for the time being and get a GTX 880 later.
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    There won't be anything coming out for a while. Also, it's an even worse idea to get an older card now just to upgrade it later. Get the 780ti now. The 880 will be much more expensive, it won't be out for a while, and like I said earlier, it won't make current cards any slower. The 780ti is a perfectly capable card, and will remain powerful for quite a while.
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