New Intel rig has boot up issues

I have recently upgraded my computer to the specifications below, but I am having a recurring issue: if the computer is shut down or put to sleep for a long length of time (i.e. over night), it will not properly boot up on the first try. The case lights come on, some fans come on, but the monitor does not wake up, the mouse lights do not wake up (the keyboard lights do), and the hardware doesn't make any start-up noise (HDDs don't spin up etc.). I have to power down the PC and power it up again for it to come to life fully.

I have run memtest x86, and I found no issues. I also googled the issue at length but most sleep/shutdown related problems don't seem to be of this nature. In addition to this, I've been experiencing a whole host of blue-screen errors which happen every few days. Whether this is related to the boot-up problems I do not know. Since I have no idea of the root cause of these issues, I didn't really know which section to put this thread in, so I apologise if it is wrong.


Mobo: Gigabyte H87-HD3
CPU: Intel i7-4770
GPU: Nvidia GTX 780Ti
16GB Corsair RAM
2 HDDs

List of blue screen errors:

Error: DRIVER_UNLOADED_WITHOUT_CANCELLING_PENDING_OPERATIONS (this happened when unplugging a USB interface for my electric guitar which works via the culprit driver, and WhoCrashed has listed this as being the only identified reason for the blue screens. I can't imagine this single driver causing all of these issues, especially since I don't use the USB interface most of the time. Still, is it possible that this driver is the whole problem? The driver is: "l6ux164.sys (GuitarPort WDM Audio Device Driver, Line 6"))

The last strange thing about this problem is this: I get more blue screens when playing music via iTunes than when I don't. Any thoughts?

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  1. Which Power Supply do you have? The 780 Ti uses a fair amount of juice.

    Did you make sure to install all the drivers for the motherboard?
    Are there any showing up in the hardware manager with question marks?

    Was this a clean install or did the drive just get moved from the old PC to the new? If it's not a clean install there's all kinds of old drivers on there which could cause conflicts.
  2. Try booting without the USB interface plugged in.
    What is the boot order in the BIOS?
    What OS and What version? 32 or 64 bit.
    What does the event error log say?
    Yes a single driver can cause problems.
    The L6ux164.sys is not digitally signed so you need to configure windows to allow drivers that aren't signed.
    If that is necessary we need to know what Windows version to proceed. That does not mean it will work.
    Have you tried ASIO4ALL ?
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