Which SSD should I go with?

I am debating between these 2 SSD's

I've read that Samsung SSD's are really good and reliable, but I've read almost the same for Crucial.



I plan on putting it into an Lenovo y510p gaming laptop and it only supports a single HDD, I wanted to upgrade over my slow 1TB Hybrid HDD of which I am only using about 495GB with everything I'll ever need on it.

Both SSD's seem good and the Crucial seems like an even better deal considering I would get close to the 1TB of space for about $1 less maybe.

I've just read more about Samsung so I know more about them. Which is why I am asking about the Crucial one as well.

Oh laptop spec's so anyone may want to know.

i7-4700mq 2.4GHZ (Turbo to 3.4GHz)
16GB DDR3 Ram
GT 755M 4GB SLI (2x GT755M 2GB)
1920x1080p 15.6" diaplay
No optical drive

I do have a usb 3.0 to 2.5" sata enclosure kit.

Thanks for the help!

Also I'm not for the fastest speeds when they seem to be so close. And can someone verify, I've read the EVO's use shorter life nand (TLC I think) Where as the Crucial uses MLC (I think) which is longer life. I could be wrong, but it would be great if someone who maybe owns one/ both or whatnot could verify this maybe?
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  1. Go for Samsung.
  2. I 2nd the Samsung. I'ts what I'm using right now and I absolutely love it!
  3. Samsung 100% i love my 840pros. get the pro if you want life get the evo if you want the extra little bit of speed.
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    +999999 for the Samsung. Here is actually the 1TB version for cheaper than the 750GB version!
  5. Drew010 said:
    +999999 for the Samsung. Here is actually the 1TB version for cheaper than the 750GB version!

    Hmmm, same price as Amazon, but is it worth the extra cash between the 960GB M500? As I just read from Samsung that it uses the 3-bit MLC where where as the M500's MLC is a 2-bit system. I may be getting too technical here or maybe I'm just fretting the small things, but it's a lot of money to fork over, I just want it to last as long as possible, specially considering the cost. I plan on keeping the laptop for as long as possible too.
  6. Get the 840 Pro. Longest Life.
  7. I currently have the Crucial 120GB version. No complaints, super fast. I'm sure any SSD would be of the same speed, can't notice much difference between different models.

    The reason why I didn't go with Samsung is because of budget issues, it did appear to be higher quality at the time. You'll be happy with whatever you get. I would go for the 1TB Samsung (it's 20 bucks cheaper than the 750GB).
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