AMD FX 8320 build, Overclock required?

Hello all, I am in a perpetual cycle in researching hardware for a gaming build. I am going with AMD am hung up on FX 6300 or an FX 8320. I will be running BF4 mainly and few other less stressful games but would like to eventually get into streaming and podcasting so want more than a quad. But for BF4 specifically is an overclock required to achieve 60 FPS when paired with a GTX 770 or R7 270x and 8 gigs of DDR3 1600 RAM. Also, I do want to leave overclocking on the table as an option for a later date does anyone have a relatively budget oriented motherboard that can handle a mild overclock to 4.0-4.3 without breaking the bank?

Thank you all!!!!
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  1. well, assuming bf4 is going to be the most taxing program you run, the fx 8320 should be able to handle it on ultra 60fps, but its the graphics card that is the most important, and a 770 should also be able to handle bf4 on ultra. i would build it and cheack out your performance. if you arent satisfied, the find out if it is your cpu or gpu that is holding you back and overclock it. and the fx 8320 is a great overclocker, with stock cooler should be able to hit 3.8-4.0ghz, with the evo 212 probly up to 4.4 ish.
  2. What is your budget for this upgrade, and what are you needing to buy?
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    FX-8320 does max out BF4 at stock clock speed i tested already...even with 2 cores disabled and only 3.5ghz clock speed it was still getting over 60fps all the time with a GTX780 in multiplayer match-ups..for 1080p max settings you are looking at least at a GTX770 or radeon r9 280x, the radeon r9 270x will allow for high settings at that resolution but not ultra...

    Also for your FX-8320 i would recommand you still get an hyper 212 cpu cooler even for stock speed since it's only 29$ and it will keep the CPU at better temps and is defenetly silent compared to the stock fan that come's with the 8320 wich btw sounds more like jet engine than a cpu fan...

    The best motherboard to overclock these CPU on the cheap is the 970 chipset gigabyte 970A-UD3P it can be found for 89$ online and comes with 8+2 digital power phase and beefed up VRM's and mosfets and packs all the features you need for crazy has the same built quality and components found on high end 990FX boards but comes with only 1x pciex16 slot so no SLI/crossfire on this board if you want to run multiple gpu you need an 990FX chipset board.

    now i guess logainofhades will soon propose you a build featuring a Xeon 4 core/8 thread CPU's it's pretty interesting if your budget allows for this build you could consider it as well, it's a little more expensive but will provide better performance overall but won't allow for overclocking...but the xeon cpu compare quite well with even an highly overclocked FX-83xx cpu from the benchmarks i have seen and for streaming and podcasting it should be at least as good as the FX 8 core...but defenetly more expensive than the 8320 with hyper 212 and gigabyte motherboard..
  4. Don't overclock on the m5a97 LE r2.0 or m5a97 r2.0 even with an ok psu you are risking the cpu and other hardware.. I have and ruined one 4350.. My LE version alsted quite some time with a moderate oc with a 4350 at 4ghz but then the motherboard fried itself T_T the R2.0 version is ok but not ideal as its only a 6+2 power phase with isnt good for the 8 core.. well enough
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