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Hi all,
I was attempting a factory restore/set on my pc and the power was knocked out during the process. Now the computer is running (I can hear it components running) however all I have is a black screen......any suggestions? I am not sure at what point the restore was when the power outage occured.
Thank you!
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  1. try running the restor again but use an earlier point if available. if not then try to boot to safe mode and check for errors, run sfc /scannow and clean the registry.
    if you cant get into safe mode then running a repair install is likely your only other option.
  2. Thanks Hexit....I would! But when I power the computer on, nothing is showing on the monitor (it IS connected and I have check all wires/cords/lines) I have a black screen. I have tried the ole F2, F8, F11 during powerup and I am getting nothing. I am wondering when I set it up to factory reset (Not just a back dated restore) that it might have been in the middle of formating??
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    try disconnecting your hdds and rebooting the pc with just a monitor attached. to see if you can get to bios.
    if you can then reconnect the drives and reinstall windows.
    if you cant then its the usual remove and test your parts in another build.
    sorry to say i doubt its gonna be a quick fix.
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