4GB or 8GB RAM For a Home Theater PC?

Is 8GB overkill for a htpc, or will 4GB be enough?

P.S. Which OS Is the best for a htpc, windows 7, 8 etc.

A quick response would be appreciated,

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  1. well, if only playing movies/tv shows, the 4gb is fine, and either windows 7 or 8 is fine aswell, its more of a personel preferance thing. if you can afford 8gb ram go for it, but you should be ok with 4gb.
  2. i'd say 8 and win8.1 with a wireless tiny usb keyboard.

    I'd say 8 so as to minimise the risk of needing to use page file.
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    4GB is plenty, even 2GB would work.

    Windows 8 would be better, however i don't consider a "HTPC" really that good for easy media playback.

    I'd need more information for better advice but I recommend something more like THIS:

    Then add the 2TB WD Elements USB drive.
    Compatibility list:

    I like this one:

    I have a separate BluRay player for all my DISC needs, and use the Western Digital drive for everything else.
    - can copy/paste files via network (or move USB drive to PC then back)
    - supports ISO image files for DVD or BluRay (ripped some DVD's for my sister's kids using DVD Decrypter, then Imgburn.)
    - plays all the MKV, MP4 etc files I've found
    - Netflix etc.
    - adds Thumbnails, and description if desired for movies

    *You want something that can easily turn on and off, and navigate with a remote control.
  4. is that Gbe or 10/100?
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