VGA Graphics Adapter Error [SOLVED]

"the solution is posted right at the end of this post"

Background: I recently gave my laptop (2-3 years old) for fixing as it was not starting. The technician guy told me that it was a motherboard problem and needed to fix some stuff in it. So i gave a go-ahead and now the laptop is fixed, it is starting properly and everything but there seems to a problem with the drivers.

In device Manager, I am getting this issue with the driver "Standard VGA Graphics Adapter" and there is a yellow icon next to it indicating that there is a problem. So I open up the window and I see the message "This Device Cannot Start (Code 10)". Picture attached.

So I downloaded the driver from nVidia website as I have nVidia graphics card, but after running the setup, I get the message "The Graphics driver could not find compatible graphics hardware."

I tried uninstalling the driver and then re-installing but to no avail. I even tried downloading from the Asus website but to no avail, once again.

Laptop Specs:
Asus N53SV
Windows 7 64-bit, Home Premium
Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-2630QM CPU @ 2.00 GHz

The images are shown below along with the dxdiag specifications.

Device Manager Driver Error:


Further more, dxdiag is not showing me any sorta hint that if there is nVIDIA graphics card in my laptop or not. Previously there was nVIDIA and i could access the nVIDIA panel as well but not anymore.

Adding more, the technician who fixed my laptop with the motherboard issue also possibly worked through my BIOS settings. Please tell me if this issue can be fixed and what steps I need to take to overcome this problem. i would take my laptop to the technician but he is on leave and I need to get a solution for my problem on my own.

watch this youtube video for overcoming the problem and you get your graphics card detected.
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  1. you do have some virus if do have antivirus program you may wanna do full file scan.
  2. Alright thank you for the much replies though, whilst you guys were helping me, in the meantime I got this solution to my problem. I was installing my graphics card driver but was unable to do so because the incompatibility issue was there as said above in my problem statement. So all the folks who have been sick worried as to why your graphics card is not getting detected in device manager, here is the solution ..
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