How to fix sound in the video game Contagion?

I just bought the video game Contagion on Steam, and it looked good loading the game, but when it hit the main menu it stopped making noise. It was only playing noise when it said the company and stuff, but then it just shut off. I've looked at the sound settings of it and nothing seems wrong. Everything else still makes sound, including other video games. Please help!
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  1. Check the audio settings ingame? If they are at 100% then send an error report to the developers of the game telling them exactly what you have stated here.
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    Hello Djspartan117,

    I've had similar problems with sound in a couple of games. The sound would work perfectly in the intro movie but when enter the actual game there is no sound whatsoever.

    The only solution of the problem I have found is to go to your sound card settings/sound manager (or wherever you set your sound options in Windows) and change the setting from 5.1 Surround sound to just simple Stereo sound (2 speakers).

    Give it a try and don't forget to set it back to 5.1 Surround when you finish playing this particular game.
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