I am having issues with a xfx radeon HD R7750 2GB graphics card, wont even run skyrim

i upgraded from a Nvidia GEforce 9500 gt, 512GB which ran the game decent but am trying to get better looking game and stop CTDs.
Anyway i got the AMD drver thru the auto detect, and when I click for it to detect my video etting it detects no resolution, and puts it on the LOWEST setting. Then it wont run the game because the video card is said to be not good enoght. I also cannot get my resolution for anything above the top resolution on my Nvidia card which is 1920x1080. Which aint right because im hooking into the video card with a HD cable and should be able to get up to 4096x3112. I had no problem installing my Nvidia card but this card idk, I tried playing with the options on the driver but no luck
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  1. I got t game to work just cant get it above 1920x1080 res(skyrim)
  2. I don't believe you understand what you are talking about. Full HD IS 1920x1080. Any higher than that is either 2560x1600, 2K, 3K and 4K. All of those are above the limits of HD and require two cables for most GPUs, providing your monitor actually has that many pixels. The cable is not your limitation, the display is.

    Now considering you only bought a $70 card to game with, I highly doubt you have a 2560x1600 display (which is around $600) let alone a 4096x3112 display (which isn't even a real screen display and would run you several thousand dollars, considering that that is both above 4K AND a non-standard resolution).

    I think you may have been conned by a salesman.
  3. For consolation, this is the difference between you cards.
    What is your PSU?
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    After you installed the graphic card make sure that you remove the nvidia drivers and do a clean install of the amd catalyst driver from the amd site. Restart your computer and set the screen resolution to the desktop native resolution(native resoultion is the resolution your monitor supports by default).

    If your monitor has a native resolution of 1920x1080 you cant change the resolution to something way more than that.

    To get a 4096x3112 resolution, you first need to have a monitor that supports that resolution.
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