setup raid 0 with 2 crucial 240GB ssd m500 on a asus m5a99fx pro r2.0 with amd 8320 cpu

Hope you can help. I want raid 0 with 2 240 GB SSD on a ASUS m5a99fx pro r2.0 motherboard with a AMD 8320 CPU. Windows 7 64 bit cant see the SSD drives to install windows. I have installed the SATA drivers and 64bit drivers and the 32 bit drivers windows still don't see the drives. Bios see the drives and the raid just fine. The raid works fine with 2 old Seagate 500GB drives that are 3Gb. Also I have updated the firmware on both SSD drives to WUO5.
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    Did you install the raid drivers in windows?
  2. popatim said:
    Did you install the raid drivers in windows?

    How do you do that if you cant load windows 7. I am new to SSD drives and the new BIOS. I loaded raid drivers when you click load drivers in windows install. Is there some other time you can load drivers?
  3. Did you ever get this solved? I'm having the same problem
  4. Zombie thread, but you set up your RAID after you install your OS and load all of your drivers.
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