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Hey guys, I'm new to Overclocking CPUs. I have an AMD fx6100 cpu and an msi 760g p23 main. I've heard that AMD overdrive is a good program for new comers to get a start with Overclocking. But any help would be appreciated, I'm not really sure how to get started lol.
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    better way is in the bios go into it and use the multiplier change from auto then just raise it one at a time leave vcore(cpu voltage alone) until the system starts to be unstable when it does use the plus and minus on the number pad press the + once and then try to start repeat till you get it to start this will get you back. Watch your temps 62 on the package and 72 on the cpu socket
  2. As above.
  3. Okay, I'll definitely try that. Thanks guys.
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