2gb ASUS GTX 660 direct cuii in SLI vs EVGA GTX 770 sc w/ACX

Some say its better to have just one powerful card instead of two mid-ranged cards.
But some say the GTX 660's have a 10% performance increase.

PRICE: GTX 770 > GTX 660 SLI
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    Both these statements are true. Two mid-range video cards in SLI/Crossfire will usually yield better performance at a lower/equivalent price, UNDER IDEAL CONDITIONS.

    Most of the time it is better to use a single high-end GPU, as multi-gpu configurations have some issues: microstutter, more power/heat, shared memory, some games simply won't take advantage of multiple GPU, difficulty of upgrading, etc...

    If you know that, for the games and resolution that you plan to play, a dual GPU setup would work, it might be more cost effective to go that way if your current hardware can accommodate multiple cards.
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