Every bootable CD boots except windows installation CD!!

Hi everyone, i usually solve my PC problems myself surfing the web and finding posible solutions, but this time this turned into a real weird problem (at least for me). So this is de deal:

I wanted to reinstall everything in my laptop from scratch, so using Parted Magic i did a secure erase command to both of my hard drives to delete everything thing from them. After that, tried to install windows, when the setup was "expanding windows files" it there spent about almost 2 hours i think and finally showed me some strange error saying some files were missing (weird because they should be in the DVD right?). Obviously i had to cancel the installation and after that moment my laptop just won't boto any DVD concerning to windows installation.

I even did a secure erase again on that hard drive and tried installing again without a positive result. Now comes the weird part (i usually make a linux partition just in case something goes wrong with windows), this time i wanted to try Linux Mint, so did i. The installation DVD for mint booted perfectly and installed correctly without any problems at all. After that i tried again to install windows and same problem:

1.- Manual Boot de CD/DVD Rom
2.- Starts reading DVD, screen goes black with the white dash twinkling
3.- Seems like it has nothing to read and next mint is booting.

After that i wanted to force the DVD booting, so i took both hard drives out and again tried to boot the installation DVD, this time the screen will just stay in the black screen until a few minutes later sends the message that there is no operating system to boot.

I find this problem really weird and i have no idea about it, although i haven't find anything like this on the web, so would someone be so kind and try to help figure this out? please.

PD: Sorry if my grammar isn't the best, English isn't my native language hehe.
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  1. A lot of laptops have a restore partition that the CD will tap to get the installation files it needs I'm afraid you may have deleted them. You may have to purchase a new copy of Windows. I'm not a notebook guy perhaps someone else can give you a better solution.

    PS: I'm sorry if my grammar isn't the best English is my language I just suck at grammar.
  2. littleleo said:
    A lot of laptops have a restore partition that the CD will tap to get the installation files it needs I'm afraid you may have deleted them.

    I really think this isn't the case, because im not using that kind of restore CD that comes in every laptop but a copy of windows installation software that shouldn't need any kind of files stored on any partition whatsoever. Besides as i said, the installation did run once showing me that error message after a long time. In any case, it shouldn't be related to the fact that a BOOT CD wouldn't just boot and load the windows installation interface, but a linux installation CD does. That's is my thinking. Thanks for the reply though :) .
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