Extremely SLOW transfer speeds with LaCie 2big NAS

I have a LaCie 2big NAS with 4tb set up usng RAID 1. My setup is mapped out starting with my Motorola modem > AirPort Extreme (newest gen) via CAT 6 > iMac via CAT 6 from APE > LaCie 2big NAS via CAT 6 from another port on the APE. I've been using this setup for about 6 months now with no issues, until a few days ago when I noticed it was taking much longer than usual to import files (Canon CR2 files to be exact) via a USB card reader. I didn't think much of it at first, but the next day I was transferring a folder of images from my iMac HDD to the LaCie and it took over 14 hours to move 33gb. I've checked all my cables, restarted everything and tried again with the same issue. I've tried multiple times and a few times I would get an error after awhile say I did not have permission. Finally, I let it go all night and it finally finished. Then, I needed to move another 30gb folder over to the LaCie, but this time I connected it straight into my iMac rather than running it through the network and this folder is saying it's going to take 13 hours.

Does anyone know what could be causing this and/or how t fix it? I've been reading threads everywhere with no such luck and I even called LaCie but didn't get very far. Basically they told me to everything I've already done.

Thanks a to
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  1. How does the drive health show up in the NAS interface.

    It may be an idea to power it down and maybe see if that helps.

    I have never come across sudden slowdowns aside of hardware failure.

    Your actual setup looks perfect with gigabit from device to device(unless the APE has messed up and dropped to 100megabit as that would limit you to 9-12 megabytes/sec).
  2. I've checked the health and it claims it's fine. I restarted the LaCie a few times, but still having the same issue, even when I bypass the APE and go straight into the iMac
  3. I would have to guess LaCie has some answering to do. Even more so since it worked find before.

    Do you get full SMART out of that NAS, check to ensure things like Reallocated sector and pending sector are at 0(raw value not current/worse)
  4. I'm not entirely sure I can monitor the S.M.A.R.T status. If there is a way, do you happen to know how?

    Also, I thought letting you know that the 30gb+ folders being transferred are not one single large, but thousands of smaller files. They are RAW image files, both the .CR2 and XMP files. I don't know if that matters, since I was doing it successfully before though.
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    Small files are always slower(sometimes quite a bit slower) to transfer than large files, but I am not not sure it would be THAT slow.

    You could try some other larger file transfers to see how it is(every device is a bit different).

    According to LaCie, The device should be monitoring and warning you of any drive health issues(just has a basic green icon under hardware monitor).
  6. Okay, thanks. I did see where I could check the health of the drives and everything is reporting healthy and working fine. So, I really at a loss of reasons. Ha
  7. anyone find a solution, im having the same issue???
  8. Will photo said:
    anyone find a solution, im having the same issue???

    Nothing's changed all that much. So, we're back to padding portable drives back and forth whole working on the shoots, then archiving the final product on the LaCie to easily access later for blog posts and general access
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