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I am having high data bandwidth. About 75-100 gig per month. Normally it was 30 approx.
2 laptops connected wireless to router (1x Win7 1x Win8 plus an internet capable TV (very rarely used)
Have received from ISP details of time/date for some high data. From 1 to 2.5 gig per time.

Where in Win7 or Win8 can I access the router or whatever, to relate the time/date from ISP against the program etc that is using the bandwidth ? so I can stop .

Could it be the TV doing something on its own, other poss is Minecraft but the data levels there are supposed to be quite low, and also today I switched off the router and Minecraft still happily works away! Another poss is a online spreadsheet which I have not used recently.

So the main question is how do I find the web address that is using most of the bandwidth.(and my $)

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  1. Another poss is DropBox the online box is totally full, and I have not knowingly used. Maybe it is trying to upload without success?
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