windows 8.1 dual booted after install

lets get to the point ^^

my friend have a laptop that have installed windows 7 and re-install windows with windows 8.1 by wiping the drive first. but strangely, the laptop is dual booting everytime it is turned on. he have to choose between windows 7 and 8.1. but when he chose 7 there's nothing happened just blank black screen.

the question is:
can we remove this seemingly dual boot feature? if we can, then how?

thanks in advance
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  1. He didn't 'wipe' it fully. The boot partition is probably still there from the original Win7 installation. Now it contains both.
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    You can remove the non-existent Windows 7 environment from the BCD using BCDEdit. Use /enum to enumerate the existing entries in the store and use /delete {identifier-GUID} to delete the entry with Windows 7 under the description. These commands will need to be run from an Administrative Command Prompt (or PowerShell), see How do I run a command with elevated permissions.
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