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My cpu: has been overheating on idle. I have tried everything possible (no overclock, new heat sink, new thermal paste, re-seating the fan, bios update, etc) and nothing has worked. Im thinking its something to do with my mobo: . these are my temps on idle (48 c- 70c). On games I get up to 90c! Please help I'm really frustrated with this. I use HWMonitor to check my temps. Thanks
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  1. what happens when the temp is at 90c? The max temp is 74c for that cpu. Are you sure that the reading being displayed are correct? My wife's computer has a gigabye mb and the readings are absolutely nowhere near correct. At idle, it shows here cpu temp at 10c. There is no way that's possible with a stock cooler in a room that's very warm. It could just be bad readings. It could be the HWmonitor program or the board that's giving wrong readings, if they are indeed wrong. Have you tried another program? What is the idle temp show when you are in your bios?
  2. Yeah, im pretty sure that i am getting incorrect temps, at 90c nothing happens (i just fell really tense that its going that high). Also I dont have the stock cooler, I have the cooler master hyper tx3. When it gets up to 90c my gpu is at like 50c (if that matters). I have felt the heat inside the case before, and honestly, its no hotter than my room. I really think the mobo is reading the temps wrong. Thanks!
  3. Yeah, all of the programs say the same thing. But I set the temps
    In bios to WARN ME WHEN CPU GETS AT 70c. My motherboard is supposed to beep at 70, but when hwmonitor says I'm at 70c, it doesn't beep. It hasn't beeped in games or ever yet. So I really think it's telling me the wrong temps. Thanks!
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    No problem. The HWMonitor on my wife's doesn't beep when it's suppose to either. Crappy software for sure. Glad I could give some help.
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