Is OC that easy? Just set the FSB to 235, underclocking the ram, and everything else on auto?

I have a 1055t, and set the FSB to 235, so i get a 3.3ghz - 3.8ghz turbo, i just underclock the ram 1 step and leave everything else on auto, I never get more than 50c and the PC passes the prime95 just fine. I haven't tried to go any higher.

I am a web developer, so I ran a browser benchmark ( and from 3600~ I now get 4100~ so I'm happy with the results.

But I feel that something is wrong... is that easy?

cpu: 1055t
mobo:Gigabyte AMD GA-970A-UD3P
psu: cooler master silent pro 700w
cooler: cooler master tx3 with 2 fans
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    Depends on your combo and the strength of the components, many times OCing is extremely easy, other times it's a royal pain in the you know what ;)
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