how much fps

my rig is
1.gfx card-asus 2gb gtx 760 direct cu II edition
2.processor-amd fx 8320
3.mobo-asus m5a97 r 2.0
4.monitor-philips 191E 1366X768
5.psu-corsair cx 600
how much fps would i get in Watch dogs in my resolution and settings for the best perfomance
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  1. Best answer
    almost 50+ on high
  2. STACKS ON DECK said:
    almost 50+ on high

    can i get 30+ fps on ultra settings...the game requires a very decent run like beast
  3. not sure but around 30 is possible . .
  4. STACKS ON DECK said:
    not sure but around 30 is possible . .

    my ram is 12gb 1333 mhz ripjawsx will it help in ultra settings
  5. not much . . it all depends on the shader units and other capabilities of GPU . . RAM is just play supportive role
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