High latency ingame

The problem
When i join CS:GO and go play in a random server (this is the way it works) i might have normal latency around 30-50. A few minutes later or randomly hour-two the latency goes up to 150-200 and sometimes over 350 which make it unplayable. And there are peaks up to 999 for 1-2 minutes.

This often happens after 19:00 local time, but sometimes occues before, so its quite random i t

Another thing - in my country's servers the latency is around 5-10 which is perfect (goes down to 1). The problem is the outside ones.

Download speed remains good in all cases for outside Bulgaria and inside.

What i tried
I tried to restart the rooter - didnt work
I tried to reset the rooter settings and setup it again - didnt work
I tried to keep it shutdown at night and use it only when i need it. It did work i think, but i am not sure because the problem is quite random.
I tried to plug the interent cabel directly to the PC and the ping stays low. (that way works, but the problem remains, because i need the router to supply WiFi to the rest of the house)
I also changed the rooter. I bought new one and the problem remains.

Information about the setup
The rooter i use is TL-WDR3600
Running on Windows 7 Ultimate
The ISP installed fiber-optics recently, but its same as before the installment.
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  1. Never mind, it turned out the problem was casued by other people connected to the WiFi network. Should have checked that earlier.
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