I remove the memory ram and no beep i have no display something wrong with motherboarg??

Pleasea help me my pc shows no display, i remove the ram memory but no sound of beep.. :((( motherboard??
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  1. Do you get a display when the memory is back in? Btw, do you have a MB speaker? If not, there will be no beep.

    Please provide details of your system, and if it is new or old.
  2. Might need to clear CMOS if you changed something in the BIOS (switch power on the PSU off or unplug it, push the power button a couple times to clear all energy from the system, and switch the CMOS pins from 1-2 to 2-3 on your motherboard for 5 seconds. Switch the pins back to 1-2 and try to boot then. The numbers on the pins may vary from motherboard/manufacturer)
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