Corsair Raptor M45.

I'm looking for a mouse that's good for competitive gaming for example Battlefield 4, Counter Strike: Global offensive/Source and possibly MMORPG games like League of Legends and World of Warcraft. I have my eyes on the Corsair Raptor M45 at the moment. Any Suggestions? I use the fingertip grip to hold my mouse.
Thanks for reading.
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    I managed to get a feel of that mouse at my local store once. It has the same textures as the Corsair Vengeance M65 too. The top has a rubberised feel while the sides are kinda like sandpaper. It's pretty rough. That's why I didn't want it.

    The M45 and M65 are priced similarly on amazon. Around 50 usd. The M65 has an Aluminium construction while the M45 has a plastic one. They both have adjustable weights and they're not too big nor small. There's a DPI switch too to change the DPI immediately. I think it's programmable too.
    There's a unique " sniper " button where you can immediate, drop the DPI to a lower sensitivity. That's the main difference you first see when comparing both.
    The M65 has a laser sensor with higher DPI while the M45 has an optical one with lower DPI. I've not used laser mice but some people have complained about acceleration. Not too sure what that is. They say it's not as smooth at times.

    I recommend the Roccat Kone [+] or Kone XTD. but they are are more expensive than the corsair mice. They have rubber grips on the sides , more ergonomic shape, and LEDs. It's currently on my wish list :D

    Then there's the Razer death adder. Too mainstream :P

    Coolermaster has some affordable mice too. They all seem quite ok.

    Then the classic Logitech G400s mouse. No need for an introduction. They basically last forever, but I personally feel that they look kinda odd.

    Those were my thoughts when looking for a mouse around 50 usd . Hope it helped
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