Booting Problem of Linux in windows boot loader

I have installed Fedora 19 along side windows 7(dual boot). Then changed the default boot loader to windows boot loader using EasyBCD. Now I have removed Fedora 19 and instead have installed Kali Linux and again have set the default boot loader as windows boot loader. But now when i go into the LINUX part in the boot loader it shows me Fedora 19 but not Kali. Kali is not shown anywhere.
Any idea what to do? need help.
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  1. Does it boot Kali but call it fedora?
  2. nope, It says Fedora not found..
  3. Sounds then like your kali install failed. Boot to the install medium and use gparted or a file manager to see if it is there. Or you could just reinstall.
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    Dual booting Linux along with windows causes problems. Its better to use VirtualBox by Oracle to create a virtual machine... I prefer VirtualBox as configuring it was much simpler than hyper-V on windows 8. You can refer this tutorial if you want to do it....
  5. While a virtual machine is great to try out a number of OS's it is not necessarily the best use of your resources.

    Dual booting with windows does not cause problems, sometimes the installation can get a little weird though.
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