Building a system piece-by-piece over a few months.

So, I have a car payment at the moment, making me unable to really just straight out buy the parts for a new gaming system all at once.

So my question is: Am I better off waiting until after the car payment, and buying all the parts around say, november-december-january? Or am I better off just checking for sales, and buying it piece by piece over the course of the next 6 to 8 months or so?

What I am currently running is a 2.5 year old alienware with an Intel i7-2600 @3.4 ghz, 16 gigs of Ram, and SLI-linked GTX 460's. Is it even worth upgrading at this point, or should I wait another year for the 800 series from Nvidia?

Any new computer I get will require the 16 gigs of ram, minimum. (I run the servers for games we play, i.e. minecraft, terraria, etc.) I would prefer to maintain the i7, and do understand this will increase the price by around $100.

I did pick up a copy of windows 7 home premium OEM when it went on sale, before it goes off the market so I will have the OS.

Budget Range: Between 1000-1500 unsure of exact amount atm.
Website: Amazon, Newegg.
Location: Oregon
Preferred parts: Intel/Nvidia. (I don't want to buy AMD until we know if they're staying in business or not. Personal preference for Nvidia anyway.)
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  1. That far in advance, far, far better to wait.
  2. Would that include cases hdds ssds power supplies and optical drivrs to wait for?
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    Optical drives won't change in function or price much. If you see one close to free on sale, get it.
    HDD's pretty much the same.

    Everything else, I'd probably wait.
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