Combining Two PWM Signals Into One

Okay, so I'm looking at a very space constrained case and am investigating how best to control the speed of the single case-fan.

However, while there are plenty of PWM Y-splitter cables that take a single PWM signal and multiply it for multiple fans, I was wondering if there exists anything in reverse, i.e - a Y-cable that takes two PWM signals and combines them (or rather, picks the fastest) for connecting a single fan?

The reason I ask is that I can easily get the PWM signal for both my CPU and GPU, but I'd like to have whichever is fastest be the one that gets passed to the fan, so it's always running based on the greatest demand.
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  1. Your best option is to connect the fans to the fan connectors on the motherboard and control them through the bios.
  2. Why would you want to do this? That's very strange lol Like inzone said, plug them in separately and set the curve how you want in the BIOS. You'd run in to some weird problems I would assume trying to do it the other way, which makes no sense anyway.
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