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Hi I have a i5 4670k at stock 3.4Ghz - 3.8Ghz boost I was just wondering if anyone could help me over clock the chip without adding extra voltage, i do not want to shorten the life of the CPU and i do not want it to run very hot i am currently using a hyper TX3 air cooler from cooler master let me know if this is possible with this cooler and if it would be worth my time to add extra voltage, by the way i have an Asus Z87-A motherboard with uefi bios and sufficient airflow in my case.

I want to over clock for emulators as sometimes the performance can be a little unexceptional i was looking for at least 4Ghz - 4.4Ghz

Thanks to anyone on this thread who can help! All replies will be much appreciated.
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    Overclock it a little bit at a time 0,1Ghz so start at 4Ghz without turning up the voltage. Then run Prime95 in CPU torture mode in 3-4 hours and see if it runs stable. Then you can try adding a extra 0.1Ghz and try again.

    If your pc shuts down, crashes or if you can see its not stable, but the temps are fine. Then it's because it needs more voltage.

    While you do this, use HWMonitor to check in a couple of times under the test, to see if your CPU gets too hot under these loads, if it does, you'll need a new cooler to go any higher.

    I expect your cpu cooler won't be up for the task after a couple of these steps, especially since Haswell runs pretty hot compared to the old processors. Reason for that is some stuff from the motherboard now being built-in the processor on haswell.

    Hope this helps! :)
  2. Thanks i will try that can you give me any tips on were to look in the bios for the correct place to add to the frequency also what's a good temp for haswell
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