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Just signed up to join the community and have a question that is just baffling me. i have two Optiplex 790 mini towers and need to do some rendering for small budget CGI. we got a card with the PCI specs as told to us by Dell but we didn't realize the Bus on that PCI slot is limited to what I have found from reading forums here is about 35 power limit. I found a 2gig card

We are now super scarred to buy this card and looking to see if anyone can tell me if this would work in the Optiplex 790 Mini tower. i realize I will need a better PSU 400 Watt is recommended.

Can I plug this in to that mini tower? Is there a better recommendation that is a 2 gig card for this optiplex 790?

Thank you to all!
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    The 6450 would be plenty fine for what you're looking at. At full system load, you're looking around 150-175w MAX power draw. Make sure the card has a low profile bracket, though.
  2. Oh good call! I will have to check into that I have the Mini tower version so its wide and not so tall but I will check into it. But should I still grab up a 400W PSU just for some overhead power?
  3. Yeah it won't hurt to get a new power supply lol I don't know what power supply comes in that.

    But yeah, double check on the case, there are 4 versions of the 790, so I wasn't sure which you were talking about!
  4. Yea I hear ya. The case I have is the biggest of the 4 models its the mini tower so its really wide ref image:

    I guess the correct product as Dell calls it is the Optiplex 790 MT.

    I will go ahead and grab that card and if need be I will see if I need to up the PSU. I think its a 260 or 265.
  5. Gotcha, I was assuming Mini = skinny lol

    Yeah that's kinda low on the power side, especially if it's an older PSU. It should do you fine in the meantime, though, assuming you're not going to be running 24/7 100% system loads lol
  6. Thanks for you input man! its def not going to be running like that lol we have a PSU in mind if we need to upgrade. But hopefully this will work out!
  7. Sounds like a plan, good luck!
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