PC starts up, beeps once, but then shuts down,then will open again

but wont show anything on monitor.. This happens when i am using an AVR (automatic voltage regulator), then i changed my AVR to 750w still it happens.. I tried to plug my computer on wall socket and it worked fine..

I wanna keep using an AVR, can anyone help me please?
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  1. What is the model of the AVR? newer computers can require that the output is "pure sine wave" I am honestly not sure what that means, but I own this which works for me: http://www.cyberpowersystems.com/products/ups-systems/pfc-sinewave-series/CP1350PFCLCD.html
  2. i was using a generic AVR before i bought this radix model: MDR-750w

    i bought the AVR because i thought it was the problem.. but still it when i start my computer it will beep once during the boot then will shut down after 3 second it will open again but will not show anything on monitor.. (this doesnt happen when i directly plug my CPU on wall socket)


    processor: intel core i5 3470 3.2-3.6 ghz
    mobo: gigabyte H77M D3H (LGA 1155) ddr3
    Memory: 8gb (dual) ddr3 1600 corsair vengeance
    Hard drive: 500 WDC Caviar Black
    video card: !gb inno3d GTX 650 Ti Boost ddr5 192 bit
    PSU: Cooler Master CM 620W Thunder M
  3. Most computer power supplies have an AVR built in, is yours a backup power supply as well?
  4. i dont know sir.. :( my PSU has a switch though?
  5. I couldnt find anything when googling the model AVR (radix model: MDR-750w). The cloest thing I got was this: http://www.pccomponentes.com/tacens_radix_vi_750w.html

    Which is a PC power supply. Can you possibly find a website with the model in question so I can better understand?
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