Which one should I consider first, CPU or GPU?

I need to buy a laptop for my code development, simulations, running virtual machines, playing games etc. My budget is limited. And, I was able to find Fujitsu Lifebook LH532V [1][2] and Asus K451LN [1] in my budget. The Lifebook comes with 3rd generation i5 - 3230M processor and the Asus comes with 4th generation i5-4200U. It appears like the 3230 is faster than 4200.
On the other side, Asus uses Nvidia GT 745M and Lifebook uses GT 620M. It appears that, GT745M is nearly two times more powerful than GT620M. Nvidia said something like, GT745M can accelerate pc performance by 6x [1][2]. What does that mean?

I am not sure which one should I buy. I need some strong processing power. I am really confused with this GPU vs. CPU. Also, choosing a good brand is another thing in my consideration. I am not really thinking too much about HDD space and RAM, cause I can upgrade them later, if necessary. Please help me to get the right one.
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  1. The newer ASUS laptop, is the way to go.
  2. ASUS is an excellent company, they make motherboards, graphics cards (not the tech inside them but variants of ones sent to them by Nvidia, AMD etc) they do many things but they do them all well. A processor basically tells the graphics card what to do and too weak of a processor can bottleneck a GPU (in other words the GPU can take commands faster then the processor is giving it). In a laptop that is a different story, a company almost will never bottleneck a GPU in a laptop or even a PC for that matter, especially ASUS. Yes the processor is slower, but you shouldn't notice a huge difference especially since they are both dual cores. In my opinion i would say definitely go for the ASUS but dont go on just my opinion wait for some others to respond ;)
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