i5-4670K Overclocking Core Ratio vs Cache Ratio

After many trials and error, I had 2 stable clocks. All the voltages are not optimal. I will bring them down once I figure out what OC I will be using.

I got
4.6 Core / 4.2 Cache @ 1.295v
4.5 Core / 4.3 Cache Ratio @1.295v

So my question is that, which OC would be better. I know that the core / cache ratio is best when its 1:1. Is it worth pushing the core up while giving up cache? Should I keep lowering my core until my core cache is at 1:1 and stable?

i5-4670k w/ CM Hyper 212
MSI-GD65 Gaming Motherboard
G.Skill Ripjaws X 16 GB 1600
Corsair TX850 PSU

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    dont mess around with ratios (cach or memory) just stick with multipliers and voltages. there is no point increasing some values and at the same point decreasing others!anyway i would be satisfied with 4.4ghz all ratios 1:1 and lower voltages/temps. i would make sure temps are always below 75c at all times!
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