keep getting a blue screen bccode 124

hello i am having trouble with my pc getting blue screens and game crashes. after i restart it give me a bccode of 124. just upgraded my mobo and ram swapped video card so i am assuming it is my cpu. it is old and may be cause i just didn't oc well. but i heard that code 124 is hardware can someone help?

my system spec are
asrock 990fx fatal1y killer
radeon hd 6870
phenom II 720 x3 but i unlocked the 4th core and oc it from 2.8 to 3.4 cpu voltage is 1.3625
and cpu voltage offset of +50mV
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  1. Reset all clocks and voltages to stock. Relock that core (there's a reason that core is locked on some x3's).
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