Best GPU under $200 for this build

Hi, I have almost decided my build, wich is my first one. I only have doubts in the GPU. Mi budget is around $190 (150 €, I live in Spain), and my options are the GTX 660 OC or the R9 270 (non x version). Prices are very similar. And of course other options are welcome.

This would be my configuration:

-CPU: Intel Core i-5 4440
-Motherboard: Gigabyte B85M D2V
-Memory: Kingston Hyper Blu 2x4 GB
-Storage: Seagate Barracuda 1 TB 7200rpm
-Video Card: ¿?
-Case: Zalman Z9
-Power Supply: Corsair VS550

Thanks for your help
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  1. r9 270X you can both several of them for $199
  2. GTX 660 ti is pretty good and also the GTX 750 ti but not as good as GTX 660 Ti. However GTX 750 ti supports G-Sync and DX11.2
  3. the r9 270X is between the 750 ti and the 660 ti, but the 660 ti is out of your budget range.
  4. r9 270 is little better then gtx 660 . both are quiet similar . so pick which one you like . NVIDIA vs AMD
  5. well, we were talking about the 270X and 660 TI if that is what you meant,
  6. 660ti is over 200$ ...
  7. i know, as i posted above :P for $200 the best you could do is a 270X, but that is between $200-$250, so you may have to stretch a few dollars to get it. otherwise, the 270, 660 are good choices.
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    Go with the Sapphire R9 270 You're not going to find a decent model of the R9 270X for under $200 and the R9 270 is a slightly lower clocked 270X.

    Just OC the 270 and you essentially have the same card.

    You could also consider the MSI R9 270 Gaming for a bit less.
  9. Thanks mates!

    The point is that I don't find a R9 270x below $200 in Spain, so the final decision would be between the R9 270 and the GTX 660 OC, or any other for the same price.

    By the way, I have found a good deal for the R9 270 Dual-X with Boost and OC Version:

    I have found it cheaper than the GTX 660 OC, what do you think? Is there much difference with the simple version?
  10. so pick that version or 660OC if available . both are good and quiet similar
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