Installing I3 1150 CPU - socket cover

I have placed the CPU correctly in the socket. Removed the plastic cover. Trying to lower the lever that fastens the CPU-cover that locks the CPU in place.

I think there is something wrong with the cover. I have to push really hard. And it doesn't feel/look right.

When I opened the CPU-cover, I move it back enough so it dropped back down on the socket. And I think maybe something came loose?

The front side of the cover is touching the motherboard. So it's not horisontal with the back of the cover.
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  1. How much pressure am I supposed to put on the lever? How should the finished result look like?
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    Can you provide a pic of your problem? Don't forget that the cover has to slide under the stud in the front.
    Check this out:
  3. Thanks for the link.

    I think I was just nervous because I dropped the cover, thinking something had broken. Also the first time I tried the cover wasn't sliding under the stud. So then the mechanism wasn't behaving as it should. But after making sure it was under the stud and applying more pressure I could lock the arm in place. And I think it looks as it's supposed to.
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