Best 1080p Gaming Monitor?

Hello Tom's,

I just finished buying all the parts to my new gaming rig, which includes:

I7 4770k
Asus Maximus Hero
8 GB 1866 G.Skill RipjawsX
EVGA Superclocked 780ti

I'm likely going to buy the Asus ROG Swift (1440p 144hz monitor) once it is released, but I need a nice 1080p monitor as well. I don't play FPS games much, but I do play MOBA's (LoL) competitively along with RTS and RPG games.

I've been looking at the Asus VG248QE and the BenQ 2420's, but I hear some image quality issues about them. Is the image quality really bad or just needs some calibration?

Should I go with the Asus or BenQ? Or any other monitor I'm missing? Price doesn't matter as long as the quality is worth it.
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    i have the asus VG248QE and i dont have any problem with the picture quality. the only complaint i have is that there is no gamma setting on the monitor. i have turn down the gamma in nvidia control panel, then it looks beautiful. i read some of those reviews too and i just think its people who dont know how to adjust color settings proporly and just want to use the presets.
  2. I too have the VG248QE, and the color is alright. It's definitely not as great as my IPS, but I wouldn't qualify it as "bad." It did need to be calibrated, but after calibration it doesn't look any worse than my older Samsung LED monitor.

    The value on the VG248QE is outstanding. Hard to beat that deal, as the BenQ's are ~$100 more.
  3. Well that's pretty good to hear, thanks for the input.

    I want to just go ahead and buy it but I feel like the BenQ's are a little better, at least the recent versions like the new 2420Z, which received an 82% on pcmonitors vs the 76% for the Asus. It has slightly better response time, a thinner matte surface, and doesn't use PWM.
  4. Yeah I'm sure the BenQ probably looks a little better, but it's also $100 more. Personally I would rather put that $100 towards a better video card, which I did recently when I got the VG248QE and GTX 780 Ti. The Asus isn't bad at all, it's just not as good an IPS, which isn't really possible for a gaming monitor like this anyways.
  5. Well I will probably spend that $100 towards G-sync anyway :P.

    Would the Asus with G-sync be better than the BenQ?
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