Will this motherboard need a bios update?

I have a "Gigabyte GA-78LMT-S2" motherboard and i'm going to be upgrading from a AMD FX-6100 to a AMD FX-6300 cpu in a couple days, current bios that are on it is "BIOS Version/Date Award Software International, Inc. XV F5b, 2/27/2013"

So should i get a bios update ready before i install the CPU or should the current bios that's on there right now be good?
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  1. Yes if there is a BIOS update it is a good idea to update it. No need to wait.
  2. oh, nevermind on the question, i was reading the on the Gigabyte CPU support for my mobo and the FX-6100 and 6300 both have the same BIOS version requirements, so if i'm already able to use my FX-6100 i shouldn't have a problem with the 6300 using the same bios. Thanks for trying to help though.

    Heres the link to all the supported CPUs for reference -
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    Then you are good to go as-is! However, in the future if there is a BIOS update it will be a good idea to update.
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