Evga gtx 760 sc acx cooler vs Saphire Radeon R9 270x Toxic?

I just cant decide wich should i get... are thosr equal? I was leaninh on the toxic because of the mantle thing but then i resd that the gtx 760 has 10% more increase... i just cant say the card i would get.. im buying it from amazon and the price diference is within 10$ so please help me! Ot maybe should i get the gtx 770 or r9 280x wich is having ton of issues Thanks...

Fx 8350 Black Edition

Asus m5a99fx pro r2.0

Cm hyper 212 evo

Seasonic m12ii 650 watts

Corsair vengance 8gb 1600mhz

Gpu ???
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    I personally think that Nvidia is the way to go. They have some very cool things coming in the near future like G-Sync. And if you can afford a 770 then I would go for it.
  2. i have a r9 270 and is almost the same as a r9 270x and i can say mantle is not a big thing i only get like a 5% of increase and it have a lot of lag because mantle is not optimized enough to be stable so i would recomment you to buy the gtx 760 because is more powerfull, consume less and have all the nvidia features like shadowplay and etc, if you find this as the answer of your question please fell free to choose it as the answer thank you :D
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