My computer guy installed my NH-D14 upside down...

Hi. My NH-D14 was making a weird noise. I believe it was because the fan casing was touching one of the RAM sticks. I brought my rig to the guy that built it and put the cooler on and he took off the cooler and installed it upside down for some reason. He didn't need to do it this way as he had already moved the RAM to the correct slots. The RAM is Gskill Ripjaws 2 4 gig sticks.

After he put the cooler back on upside down we booted up the computer and ran Unigine heaven. 10 seconds into running Heaven, I moved the mouse to click on benchmark and after I clicked benchmark the screen froze. We tried resetting and only got a black screen with no power message. He ended up hitting the CMOS switch and that brought windows back up but now everything in the computer is making weird noise.

1. The Motherboard sounds like its buzzing and on the other side is a weird crackling noise.
2. The GPU is making a ridiculous noise during gaming. It;'s an MSI 780 ti which was dead silent prior to this.
3. The PSU was making a buzzing sound but we switched it out because we thought it was the problem since its the only part thats old. New PSU is not making noise.
4. All the fans were spinning way too fast and making noise. These Corsair Carbide 500R case fans were dead silent prior to this as well. Even on the highest setting.

Did all this happen because he installed the cooler upside down?
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  1. Have you got a picture? I can't see how someone could even install it upside down! :/
  2. Yes....a picture here is needed.
  3. Don't you already have another thread about this ?
  4. The name Noctua that's on the heatsink is going towards the back of the case instead of the front.

    SR-71 Blackbird you know I have another thread about this because you answered it. I didn't know there was a limit to how many threads I can open. This is a different question from the one in the other thread.
  5. So it was installed back to front and not upside down, ok that makes more sense now.

    Depending on your fan configuration some people do have their fans pulling air from the back of the case and generally out the front, but again depends on your actual configuration.

    But no even if that was the case it wouldn't cause any of the issues you are describing, well in terms of the buzzing sounds you say you have. It is possible I guess that if all the fans on the case are sucking air in and nothing is being vented then the temps would rise in the case which would make everything spin faster.

    Did he say why he installed it that way at the time? If he doesn't give a sensible reply just get him to turn it around. I am not sure on those coolers whether the cooler orientation has to be one way or the other but of the actual cooler part(the metal bit) doesn't have to fit one way just take the fans out and turn them around.
  6. Hey thanks for the reply. When I asked him why he installed the cooler this way he said that he read it works a little better this way... I think he also said something about it going better with the RAM but I don't remember exactly. He said it would make no difference if he turned it around.

    All of the fans are blowing in exept the one in the back. He moved the Corsair fan that came with the case to the top to blow in and put another Noctua fan in the back to blow out. The temps of the CPU and GPU seem to be the same as before. GPU can get to around 60 degrees full load and the CPU around 40-45 degrees.

    I have no clue what caused the PC to freeze up like that or why everything started making weird noises after he hit the CMOS switch. This computer was dead silent before. None of these noises are loud, they are just barely audible. But any noise coming from the PC is enough to annoy me. The one noise that can get loud and annoy me tremendously is the GPU during gaming or benchmark.
  7. The top fan should be blowing out. Hot air rises. And if your cooler fan is blowing 'up', those two are pushing against each other.
  8. The cooler fans are blowing towards the back. The top fan is blowing in but it is not above the CPU Cooler. It's blowing air down towards the right side CPU fan and I guess that fan is sucking that air in and cooling the heatsink. Honestly, with this cooler I can take off all the case fans and still be at very low temps lol.
  9. Pavel Pokidaylo said:
    The cooler fans are blowing towards the back. The top fan is blowing in but it is not above the CPU Cooler. It's blowing air down towards the right side CPU fan and I guess that fan is sucking that air in and cooling the heatsink. Honestly, with this cooler I can take off all the case fans and still be at very low temps lol. air rises. Suck that out instead of blowing it back in.
  10. Ok will do that thanks.
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    "He had read it worked better" Yes sounds like a real pro. Obviously its not working better.

    As mentioned, top case fans should be blowing out, any front case fans should be blowing in, rear case fan should be blowing out, cpu fans should be blowing from front to back in the direction of the air flow.
  12. I will tell him to do that. Temps were fine as it was but if it's better blowin up then why not? Would it be louder that way though? Reason I ask is because when he installed the cooler horizontally he put one of the Noctua fans on the top and also another fan on the top and made them blow out since the cooler was blowing up. When he did that all 3 fans that were blowing up became loud.

    Anyway, right now that is the least of my worries. Today we took the rig apart and did some testing. First of all, the motherboard makes a buzzing noise and another weird noise from around the CPU area. The Video card is still making that consistent whine that gets louder with load and it did so on two other motherboards as well. Also, the new seasonic power supply makes noise when plugged into the motherboard or the video card (on any mobo). When we plugged the PSU into a different motherboard it made a similar noise but it was very hard to hear even if you put your ear right to the PSU. When plugged into my mobo or video card, the PSU noise can be heard from some feet away.

    I'm going to RMA both the Mobo and the Video card. I'm also worried about the cooler fans and the case fans. They were dead silent before and now they are noisy. I don't know if this will be resolved with the new Mobo...
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