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About 6 months back I built an all-in-one HTPC for movies/DVR/music/etc, using the Silverstone GD05 case. At the time I didn't include a GPU for gaming but made sure the motherboard and power supply could handle one in case I wanted to add one in the future. Well now's the time. I've had my eye on the GTX 770 but I'm concerned about keeping the card and the rest of the case cool. Does anyone have a recommendation for what kind of cooler works well in smaller cases? Anyone have experience with this case and a higher powered GPU? The NVIDIA reference style blowers that blow air out the back of the case (like the Titan) seem like a possibility but most of the 770s I've found use twin-fan setups. Are there certain brands that perform better than others? Thanks.
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    I wouldn't worry too much about it since the case has pretty good airflow.

    On the RIGHT SIDE (from front) your case fans are Intake, so I recommend having an Exhaust on the left if you haven't already. Some of the graphics card case will go out:
    a) the card exhaust,
    b) the Power Supply, and
    c) the left side, and
    d) the right-back (not much)

    My advice is get the Asus GTX770 but that's mainly because it's a great card. Also, your overall goal is the quietest computer and a Blower style might even be louder. A blower is essential in very reduced space, but if you have the fans to move air like you do I don't recommend it for a performance card.

    If you haven't done so, you should carefully setup your fan profile to optimize noise/cooling.

    Some case fans only spin at one speed. I replaced mine with ones my motherboard could control (in my case 500RPM to 1850RPM, PWM).
  2. Fan noise of Asus GTX770:

    "NVIDIA has been pushing low-noise gaming recently, making great improvements in their lineup, and the GTX 770 is no exception. It is nearly inaudible in idle and reasonable quiet during gaming. While it is certainly not "quiet", it is the quietest high-end reference design we have seen so far.

    The ASUS GTX 770 DirectCU II improves both idle and gaming noise levels a bit, but the difference is kind of small because NVIDIA's reference design is already very quiet."
  3. Thanks for the suggestion. My only concern with that card is the size. Newegg lists the length at 10.7" which is within the limits but the height is listed at 5.2" which might be too tall. I'll need to confirm the allowed height inside the case.
  4. I confirmed with Silverstone, the max height for an expansion card is 4.92". The Asus card at 5.2" is just a hair too tall. Given that limit, are there other recommendations for a 770?
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