Looking for a good laptop help!

1. My budget is 950$ including tax might bump it to $1000 is necessary

2. 15'-17'

3. At least 1080p

4. Laptop

5. 3+ mostly going to be plugged to wall

6. 1 or 2 games Final Fantasy XIV:ARR High setting

7. I might do software production

8. 750GB at least

9. Best buy, new egg, ps. I live in the U.S.

10. At least 4 years

11. No drivers needed but appreciated

12. Msi, Hp, asus top brands :)

13. United States

14. I want nvidia graphics higher than geforce 740m; cpu intel i7

Thank you for reading this post :) and comment :)
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    sounds like the y510p really. 755M SLI I7 1080p - normally around $1000.
  2. Construkt said:
    With your budget I'd get the Lenovo Y510p w/ i5.

    It's the most powerful $900 machine on the market for gaming and it's tried and true. It'll play your games with ease, as it has dual GT 755M's on SLI. The i7 version is an unnecessary expense, as gaming isn't very CPU intensive, and the i5-4200M is a strong enough processor to not be maxed out during game play.

    I just noticed newegg has a deal for msi g60 for 999$; thanks for the answer bit more detailed
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