New Monitor. Decent monitor for low budget

I am currently thinking about upgrading my monitor and I have little to no knowledge about it.

I currently have a Samsung 17" Monitor (dont really know) It was an old mini tv that my mom had.

Looking for 21+ Inches as the size

I pretty much play games like Planetside 2 and other fps games.(and Minecraft, not that it matters)

Most likely 200-300$ range but lower is better.

I have a Radeon 7770 1GB DDR5 Graphics card.

So thats all I really know about what I need to share. Again there is not much that I know about it and I am simply looking for a low-medium budget monitor as a upgrade from a tiny samsung thing.

Thanks in advance and Im sorry if I made this wrong I just kind of threw all the info out there as easy to read as I could.

EDIT: Also, how do I do 2 monitors from 1 hdmi port? Is there another port that does HD? Sorry but I really dont know much about this kind of stuff.
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    good Tv/Monitor for cheep so you could get 2.|CategoryTopProducts

    This one is a nice monitor for cheep so you could get 2

    This one is more expensive but is pretty nice

    I would recommend major brand like asus, samsung, BenQ
    Make sure the resolution is at least 1920x1080 (More is better)
    Look at the reviews on websites before you buy
  2. this is almost the max of your budget but its an awesome monitor i own 2 of those and will be getting a 3rd

    awesome picture quality no ghosting in games and i have no lightbleed on my 2 either.

    depending on the size you want you may be able to find at lower cost but for this price this monitor is really good. and it have really thin bezels and looks nice overall.

    you may also look at he asus mx serie.
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