Why won't my laptop recognize sims 2 disk 1 as disk 1?

I put in disk one and the auto play will show up, i hit run but then it keeps sending a pop up that says to please insert disk 1 even with disk 1 in there. I can't figure out why it won't recognize disk 1 as disk 1? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    Sounds like your disc 1 has a corrupted install file or your CD has been scratched on the place where the install file starts and your computer can't find it.

    Alternatively, if you are running Daemon Tools or any other virtual DVD drives, try disabling your virtual drives. Some older games did have DRM on them that would cause them to not install if they saw a virtual DVD drive on the system.

    Also, if it does prompt you for a path to the disc, make sure it is assigned to the drive letter that is your DVD drive. Some older games would default to looking for the CD on the D: drive, which may not be the case for your system if you have multiple hard drives or multiple paritions on your hard drive.
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