What PSU should I get?

I am replacing a Raidmax Tunder v2 735w (Junk) What one should I get?


How much does the rating matter?
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    Don't have one myself but everyones always saying they make quality state of the art stuff. Besides, you should stay at the same amount your previous PSU could go to or higher so nothing will burn up. The one I choose is good for your pc, sir.
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    The EVGA is the better of the 2 , the Corsair CX Series uses poor capacitors.

    Japanese Brand Caps The capacitors inside the EVGA NEX750G are made from Japanese companies renowned for high durability and long-term reliability.

    EVGA uses high quality caps ^
  3. I've been buying the CX series with great success. So I will go with Corsair.
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