Anything I should do after installing another HDD? Accidentally marked it as active. Big difference between 16 or 64MB cache?

I have a couple of questions. So I have had a 500GB HDD in my PC for the past 5 years and yesterday decided to add a brand new WD 1TB HDD to go with it. I installed it in to my PC and went in to my administrator settings and right clicked on the black bar then it let me choose the drive letter and set up as NTFS,now the HDD is recognized by my PC but when trying to boot from the new HDD I get the "BOOTMGR is missing" error which I am pretty sure is happening because it is a brand new drive with no OS correct? Also my 500GB HDD is a 16MB cache drive and the new additional drive is 64MB cache, will that be a noticeable difference in performance between the two? Also I accidentally marked the new partition as active, is there any way to revert it to be inactive again? It's still brand new with absolutely nothing installed on it. Thanks in advance
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    Yes, the drive will not boot w/o the OS installed.
    Just use the Win (7?) installation disk to install the OS to the new drive. Windows will take care of setting up the proper drive status.
    You would only notice the difference in cache size if you could compare the two running side by side. A bigger cache will allow more pgms and data to be stored for instant access before it overwrites itself and has to access the platters.
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